2018 is becoming a busy year for Laura Marie Baxa.

I have been working on three new collections:                                                                                     -LMB Collection-       -Simply Put-       -Nature Pieces-

We are also branching out and will have a booth at:                                                              

PAINTED TREE VINTAGE MARKET in Highland Village, TX starting in May 2018.                              AND                                                                                                                                       DENTON COMMUNITY MARKET in Denton, TX most Saturdays starting April 7 - November 24, 2018.  

I am really excited about creating my own space at Painted Tree and participating in the community market in Denton. I think I have some good ideas to create a warm and homey space AND it will be nice to get some of my stuff out and hanging up for people to see. So please come out and take a look! Spring is almost here!!

Laura Baxa