Christmas Carol Silver Bells

Christmas Carol Silver Bells


Christmas Carols bring back such wonderful memories for me at Christmas time. Those memories aren't about the gifts that I received but rather they are all about my family. Here are a few of those memories..........

When getting together at our Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas our Grandmother would have us all sing Christmas Carols before opening the gifts. There was a lot of us grandkids and sometimes she would make the boys lead if they were laughing. 

Also when I was a little girl I would play Christmas Carols on our old piano and sing along while playing.

I can still picture it today.... the Christmas tree from the pasture was up with all the homemade ornaments on it with a ton of tinsel. The tinsel was the last thing we would put on the tree. My mom was in the kitchen cooking, it was cold outside and probably snow on the ground. My Dad would come in from working and sit down on the chair in the kitchen that was right below the telephone that hung on the wall and we would pull his boots off. He was usually tired and hungry and of course mom had something ready for him to eat and the house was warm.

I would also put Christmas songs on our record player. Silver Bells was always one of my favorites. I am not sure why but maybe it was because I wondered what Christmas was like in a big city since the closest town to us was only 150 people.

I wrote all these Christmas Carols out and chose a botanical that I felt was fitting for the song. The writing isn't perfect but most things aren't and that is what makes it so real to me.

Christmas is a special time and these are very special to me. If you chose to hang one on your wall during Christmas I know it will bring back all those wonderful memories for you too.

Merry Christmas,




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