Plum Creek

Plum Creek


I have 2 of these pictures each with different botanicals and it all started with the paper.

The paper was originally cream color and I decided to stain it with acrylic paint. I used Plum color and a Flat Silver color acrylic paint plus whatever I could find in the kitchen to accomplish this.

Many times I will stain the paper and let it sit for a day or so and go back and mess with it until I like the look. Once I completed the paper I had to let it sit again cause I wasn't sure what to do with it.

Finally I decided to crease the paper and place 4 different botanicals on each piece of paper. I lightly marked each crease to define it on the paper.

I placed these pieces in a floating frame that I created from a regular frame. The picture is placed between 2 pieces of glass that I placed in the frame and sealed with small dowels and glue.

I named this piece PLUM CREEK because of the plum color and I also grew up by PLUM CREEK and it is near and dear to my heart

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