Copy of Love Me or Leave Me

Copy of Love Me or Leave Me


These wildflowers I found on a walk through the pasture one day. I took them home and picked/pressed/processed them. The roots came up perfectly with the flowers when I pulled them so I decided to leave them. It is a uniquely raw picture of nature I think. I tea stained the charcoal paper that the flowers are placed on. I used two different types of glue to keep the flowers on the paper and to also give it that raw feeling.

This piece reminds me of something you would find in someone's attic, aged but so incredibly beautiful. The imperfectness of this picture is what makes it perfect. I named the piece "Love Me or Leave Me" because you either love it or you don't.

Beautiful piece that would look nice in any room. It is placed in a quality wood frame 24x26. 

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